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Buy CSGO Sliver Prime Accounts

SILVER is the basic rank in the CSGO Prime Account for the newbie players who do not know how to play this game. The players are placed under the Silver Rank. Silver Prime account has further 6 sub ranks such as SILVER 1, SILVER 2, SIlVER 3, SILVER 4,  SILVER ELITE, SILVER ELITE MASTER.The lowest rank in the CSGO SILVER PRIME is the Silver I rank reserved for new players, while the higher ranks are generally reserved for experienced players in the competitive Counter-Strike. So, this doesn’t mean that the Silver Prime Account doesn’t offer any rewarding experience. Every player has to start from somewhere, and for the newbie to understand the gaming rules, Silver is the perfect level to learn and imbibe the skills of CSGO. Beginning with Silver 1, there are five other achievable ranks in the Silver category. So start your csgo journey. we are here with the best and high-quality services and reliable cs go ranked accounts for the csgo smurf players and lovers.